Speedtouch wireless usb - no software

  eevie 19:16 19 Jul 2011


I need to relocate my computer which at the moment is connectced to a wireless router by cable, I will not be moving the router. I want to connect using wireless. I have a speetouch dongle which I know has worked on another computer, but is a few years old and I can't find the disc. I have spent all afternoon looking online to download the software so I can use it. Thomson speedtouch seem to have been taken over and I can't find any downloads on the new website. I have found many websites offering the software but each one wants me to download a "driver detective" which then wants to check my whole system and when I eventually get to choosing the software it takes me to a it's website and I have to pay.

Can any one help me out with where to download simply for free? Many thanks.

PS my computer is running XP and is quite old, it does have wireless capability but I have tried several times and over the many yearsI have owned it and with different wireless routers and it does not work, but works fine via cable.

  eevie 08:45 20 Jul 2011

HI again. I managed to find the original disc, but it still won't work I have installed the usb wireless dongle three times now. First two times the computer hung and so I then try re-install. I can't uninstall as this also makes the computer hang; whether i do it from the uninstall software, cc or windows. Apparentlry when the dongle was first uswd on a different xp machine it did plug and play, which it won't do on mine.

  onthelimit1 08:46 20 Jul 2011

I would have thought that Windows would load its own drivers for the adaptor as most are Plug-n-Play. If all else fails, a new adaptor is very cheap - an example here.

  eevie 10:31 20 Jul 2011

I have just spent a few hours trying to sort this out. I reverted back to trying to get the wireless card in the computer to work, I updated the drivers from the Medion website; but still no luckk. Then i tried checking the Wireless Zero Configuration, in properties I changed the service status to start and this seemed to do the trick.

I now have to move the computer and hope the signal strength is sufficient as at the moment windows tells me it's low and in the software with the card it is showing fair at 40% and the computer is right next to the router!

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