SpeedTouch Modem - I've noticed this, though...

  AngeTheHippy 14:23 14 Sep 2004

When I for example, post a thread, as I did just moments ago in 'BB constantly disconnecting', the light on the left - USB - flickers and the page takes a little longer to change. It doesn't always happen, but am starting to look at EVERYTHING that's happening now...


  Old Shep 14:30 14 Sep 2004

I have a speedtouch and the left light flickers on and off when loading pages.

  AngeTheHippy 14:55 14 Sep 2004

OK, just a though really - trying to rule out ALL possible reasons why the damn thing keeps dropping the line... so the flickering light must be a standard thing with the SpeedTouch then,

Thank you,


  JAN-BOY 15:07 14 Sep 2004

Just to put your mind at rest, I too have a speedtouch modem. The left light always flickers when changing web pages and more so while downloading, in fact in can appear to be off with a heavy download.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 15:09 14 Sep 2004

Mine Too


  AngeTheHippy 15:58 14 Sep 2004

it would help if these bl***y manufacturers included documentation re. all parts of their products! I thought that might be the case, but if either of you've read my other current post, 'BB constantly disconnecting...' , you'll see why I'm trying to rule out absolutely everything!


  Old Shep 16:23 14 Sep 2004

Have posted this on your other thread.

Have you plugged your modem directly into your computer.Mine won't work through a hub.

Are you connected directly into your main telephone box.

  AngeTheHippy 16:25 14 Sep 2004

I've tried the modem in both desktop & laptop with same results. I've been advised to get a powered USB hub...

  Furthark 19:28 15 Feb 2005

AngeTheHippy. I had the same problem, try using a different USB port. the one I was using was also supporting my scanner, both requiring max power. Speedtouch could run for a couple of hours then drop the connection and then it wouldn't connect again

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