Speedtouch icon in system tray

  Gizmocat 05:23 30 May 2006


This has suddenly started appearing twice, so I clicked on one and unchecked 'automatic start on boot up' and they have both disappeared.

1. Does it matter if its not showing
2. How do I put it back(if I need to)

Generally what is the benefit of items showing in the system tray?

  terryf 12:04 30 May 2006

Icons in the system tray show that the program is running and when right clicked will access a menu

  Graham ® 14:26 30 May 2006

Right click on the Taskbar, select Properties. Click on Customize. Select an item and a drop-down arrow will appear. Select from Hide when inactive, Always hide, Always show.

  Graham ® 14:31 30 May 2006

Are we talking System Tray, Taskbar or Notification area? Would the Speedtouch icon be the green arrows?

  rawprawn 17:50 30 May 2006

click here Try this.

  Gizmocat 17:54 30 May 2006

Thanks for the advice everyone.

Graham - I think its called the System Tray - the one on the far right of the task bar with the time - the icon is 4 squares, 3 purple coloured and 1 mustard.

  Graham ® 19:11 30 May 2006

OK, on the far right is the Notification area. The space between that and the Start button is the Taskbar. I should have said 'Keep your Notification area uncluttered', follow the instructions after that!

  Graham ® 20:23 30 May 2006

Sorry, I keep coming back to this :-)

The Notification area is also known as the System Tray!

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