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Speedtouch 536(v6) and Outlook 2003

  anskyber 13:43 24 May 2006

I have just installed the Speedtouch 536(v6)modem/router and connected to the internet via an ethernet connection. The method I used was "NAT, quick set up". All is well I have internet and I also have e-mail through Outlook 2003.

I was previously on a simple USB modem and I uninstalled the software prior to the new system being used. I have sent and received e-mail. However if I go to tools>e-mail accounts>change>test account settings I get an error message "Network connections. cannot load dialog. Error 623;The system could not find the phone book entry for this connection" So the test could not be completed. Yet e-mail does work.

I suspect that there is something more for me to do given that I am not on a dial up broadband modem but using a NAT set up through ethernet connection.

Any help will be gratefully received and if you do reply please teat me as if I am a complete idiot, since that is the way I feel right now! My system is XP sp2

  anskyber 13:45 24 May 2006


  anskyber 18:51 24 May 2006


  anskyber 19:17 24 May 2006

Thanks, that is exactly what I have done previously but without success.

  anskyber 20:14 24 May 2006

Thanks for the suggestions. the odd thing is the e-mail does work, its only the test e-mail facility that does not!?

  anskyber 20:22 24 May 2006

My thoughts too to be honest. I just wondered if I had missed something obvious.

  anskyber 21:09 24 May 2006

Re-ran network set up wizard and it recognised the new modem/router as a gateway. Result e-mail still working, phew, but the test e-mail account also now working.

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