Speedtouch 330 running with TalkTalk

  alimci 21:35 25 May 2010

For the last few years I have been connecting to the internet using a speedtouch 330 from TT with no problem. It is connected to a laptop running XP. Over the last few weeks, the connection software has been having difficulty in connecting, saying there is no dial tone. I can use the phone without any difficulty whilst it is saying this, and all the wiring and microfilter seem happy, and I've tried using different USB ports with no effect. I now just basically turn on the machine and wait til the ADSL light stops flashing, which can be immediately or after an hour, and then try and connect.

I had thought that maybe the modem is dying and I should get an upgrade, but looking through other messages here, using TT wireless seems to be fraught with horror, and TT itself seems to support hardly any hardware.

Should I just look for a new 330? Advice gladly accepted!

  mgmcc 22:40 25 May 2010

Most ISPs these days provide Wireless Routers instead of USB Modems, but you *DON'T* have to use them "wirelessly". You can connect computers to the router by ethernet cable, disable the wireless feature and forget about it.

  alimci 12:45 30 May 2010

Thanks for that, I had no idea that was possible.

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