SpeedTest and type of modem

  sheila.weston 22:26 22 Feb 2010

I have had impossibly slow speeds since TalkTalk took over my tiscali contract. Some evenings I can't get on line atall. My router is Dynamode-ADSL-C4-2.

My pc technician changed something, but it hasn't made much difference - it was something to do with four numbers. He 'phoned Tiscali who are going to send me a free modem (wireless this time), but it hasn't arrived so I will ask again.

The speeds were perfectly OK before TalkTalk took over (but i don't know what they were).

A speed test gives a download speed of 1472 and upload of 375 I am 15 miles from Southampton. Are these reasonable speeds? Could the modem be at fault? Is there a test I could use to see where the problem lies? I am paying for 'up to 8mu'.

Any help gratefully received.

  Technotiger 22:42 22 Feb 2010

I am afraid 'up to 8Mb' does not really mean a thing! Your speed is almost as good as my own, and I am only just over a mile from the exchange. If your exchange is 15 miles away, I would say you are doing as well as can be expected.

  Technotiger 22:44 22 Feb 2010

You could give this speed test a go click here

  sheila.weston 15:38 23 Feb 2010

Thanks, Technotiger, I can't use that BT site because I now have my line rental with TalkTalk.

On click here my speeds are 1280 and 366, but if I do the 'maxm obtainable' test, it doesn't mention TalkTalk. However, it gives the exchange as being in my town, which must be about 5 miles or less - possibly only two - I am not sure where it is.

On the TalkTalk site (click here) I get 676 and 379. Why do they vary?

A thought - my router isn't really necessary, is it? It was installed when I had a desktop PC but I now have only a laptop. Sorry to be dim, but can I just take it out of the system and plug the line from the 'phone' straight into the laptop?

  Technotiger 16:22 23 Feb 2010

and plug the line from the 'phone' straight into the laptop?

No - you still need the Router!

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