Speedstream 3060 - my God, it works!

  cidgreen 16:08 16 Jan 2003
  cidgreen 16:08 16 Jan 2003

Last week I was on here bemoaning my misfortune at having got a Speedstream 3060 modem, since I couldn't get the cursed thing to function no matter how hard I battered it.

Well, I'm here to tell you that at 12.56am this morning I finally got it working. So, just in case anyone else has any problems with it (and you will, when you buy one), take note of this:

Despite what it says on the box, the Speedstream 3060 will NOT function under Windows 98, as the necessary PPP over ATM support was not introduced to windows until Windows 98 SE. I presume this means it won't work with Win 95 either, again despite what it says on the box.

Also, you are better off downloading the latest drivers for the modem rather than using the ones with the installation CD. Even though the drivers you download may well be identical to those on the CD, loading the drivers from the hard drive seems to do the trick whereas fiddling about with the CD seems to cause problems.

I hope, if you ever have the 'good fortune' to get this modem, you have more luck than I did in the past couple of weeks. It does work, but my advice is to get an external modem if at all possible, or at the very least avoid the Speedstream 3060.


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