speeding up email transfer of digital pictures

  lezzzz 16:18 30 Jan 2003

I have rcently entered the world of ccomputers and digital cameras How can I speed up the transfer of pictures via email at the moment it takes up to 10 mins to send a pic. my cam is a kodak dx49000 and my comp.is millenium edition.other pics via scanner only take seconds.please make info/advice understandable by a novice I also use a kodak unloading dock.and subscribe to AOL. lezzz.

  Elrond 16:21 30 Jan 2003

do you mean sending pictures to people or receiving pictures

  Elrond 16:22 30 Jan 2003

sorry just re-read.Can you explain further what happens when you've put the pics into the e-mail and then clicked send. I'm assuming this is the point where things are slow or is it at the oother end where someone is receiving them in the mail

  ©®@$ђ 16:28 30 Jan 2003

what format are the pictures saved in, if they are tiff, then they will be quite large files, you need to have them as jpeg.

also how big are the pictures this can also slow the sending down, try resizing the pictures to a more adequate size

  Switcher 16:46 30 Jan 2003

1. Make sure that your pictures are in JPG format

2. Crop if possible to show only what is required.

3. Reduce JPG quality to give a flie size of less than 100KB the reason it takes so long to send will probably be due to file size.

A file of 1MB will take about 2.5 MIN to send with a 56k modem with a very good connection

  Pesala 16:57 30 Jan 2003
  lixdexik 17:01 30 Jan 2003

to 600pix by 400pix that should give a much smaller file size to send, 80kb or so.. the picture might not be as good a quality for printing at the other end, but is more than good enough to view on the computer. you might have a facility on you picture software to save for email, this shoud let you reduce the file size as well. hope this helps.

Cheers Lixdexik.

  anchor 20:29 30 Jan 2003

I don`t know what software came with your camera, but the free programme Irfanview will effectively resize your pictures at whatever resolution you want.

It seems that you have an ordinary 56k dial up connection, so aim to make your picture file around 100k. This will transmit in a reasonable time, and also retain adequate quality.

Irfanview can be found here:

click here

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