Speed up XP on shut down

  iqs 19:00 15 Apr 2009


Have done all the well know tweaks to improve the speed XP shuts down,but still takes longer then I like.
Can you possibly recommend something/s which I may not of tried please?.

even a recap on the basics,just in case I have missed one :-)

  (~oo~) 19:04 15 Apr 2009

Disable everything in msconfig, except your AV and third party firewall if you have one.

that will stop programs in the background from having to shut down to.

  MAJ 19:18 15 Apr 2009

Try going to Start > Run and type in:

shutdown -s -t 20

and click OK. That will shutdown your PC in 20 seconds, you can reduce the "20" if you wish. See if it helps any. If you open a command prompt and type in:

Shutdown /?

and press Return, it will show you all the shutdown options, restarting, logging off, aborting, etc.

Start > Run > Shutdown -a will abort the shutdown. You could also create a small .bat file to shutdown automatically when you double-click it.

  User-1229748 19:22 15 Apr 2009

i've not used it myself but i've seen links to this site for various tweaks,perhaps a restore point before any changes are made thoughclick here

  iqs 19:45 15 Apr 2009

Hi (~oo~)
Thanks for the tip,I have already did as you suggested,just the important progs left,cheers

Its been a while,thanks for the suggestion.Off out for a game of snooker,will have a play when I get home,thanks for the detailed how to guide.

Hi smackheadz
Will have a look at the site this evening,thanks for the help.

  Clapton is God 21:12 15 Apr 2009

This may cure it:

1- Start/Run and type Regedit
3- Click on “Control”
4- Select “Wait to kill service timeout”
5- Right click and select “Modify”
6- Set to a lower value than 2000
7- A setting of 200 will be sufficient

Normal setting is 2000 but can safely be reduced to 200 for a quick shutdown. Sometimes in PCs, including my own, an extra nought is added on to make it 20000. Not sure why this happens but when it does it leads to a very long shutdown time.

  wams 21:21 15 Apr 2009

Are there any simular procedures to follow to speed up Vista

  Les28 21:34 15 Apr 2009

iqs have you tried windows user profile hive cleanup service if you're getting Event Viewer errors similar to mentioned on this page, or maybe you've tried it.

click here

  ambra4 05:26 16 Apr 2009

Editing these settings in the registry and changing them to lower values, you can

considerably decrease the amount of time that Windows XP needs to successfully shut

itself down.

Start-Run type REGEDIT and navigate to “KEY_CURRENT_USER\Control

Panel\Desktop\” Highlight the 'WaitToKillAppTimeout' value.

Set it to '1000' (the default should be 2000)

Now highlight the 'HungAppTimeout' value set it to '1000' also.

Open REGEDIT and navigate to 'HKEY_USERS\DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop'

Highlight the 'WaitToKillAppTimeout' value.

Set it to '1000' (the default should be 2000)

Now highlight the 'HungAppTimeout' value set it to '1000' also

Open REGEDIT and navigate to


Highlight the value 'WaitToKillServiceTimeout' Change this value to '1000.'

This should help to speed up the time windows XP takes to shut down.

  peugeot man 10:07 16 Apr 2009

Thanks for that tip. works very well

  woodchip 10:32 16 Apr 2009

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