speed tweaks

  leeknight67 15:57 15 Jun 2003

is there anyway i can spped up my computer with out spending any more money on it?

  Andybear 16:03 15 Jun 2003

What O/S have you got?

  leeknight67 16:09 15 Jun 2003

Pentium 3
500 mhz
320mb ram
13 gig hd

  powerless 16:10 15 Jun 2003

O/S = Operating system.

Windows 98, ME, XP?

  Lú-tzé 16:12 15 Jun 2003

As you use Win98, have a look at click here and click here - possibly the ultimate speed tweak for win98.

After that, ensure that there is nothing unnecessary running in the background, no windows themes loaded on the desktop, and memory is properly utilised.

  leeknight67 16:13 15 Jun 2003

win 98

  powerless 16:14 15 Jun 2003

Start > Run > Type: MSCONFIG

Click ok and click startup, now remove the ticks, this will stop Windows loading programs when windows starts...

To see what you are stopping from starting compare what you have with click here

Also Run disk defragmentr and scandisk

Uninstall non needed programs from add/remove in the control panel.

Turn of the screen saver (if its on)

Start > Run > Type: %temp% and Click ok. Send all of the files to the recycle bin but leave them their any problems restore them.

A little drastic but a complete reinstall of the operating system can make the computer good as new.

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