Speed Tester!!!!!!!!!Test part 3 HELP

  bluemoon69 16:10 28 Dec 2011

Hi all and thanks in advance. Have been having trouble with my internet speeds but before i contacted my provider (plusnet). Have started to do the Speed test at speedtester.bt.com and is looking like i have a problem but i can not finish the test. Am on part 3 and i need to change my username to access the internet before i can complete the test. They state do the following: Go to the Start menu; click Control Panel; then select Network and Sharing Center; click Manage network connections. Select the Connection that you use to connect to your ISP. Change the Username to: [email protected]_domain and blank the Password. Set this connection as your default and click Ok. Double click the connection and wait for the message "Connected". Problem is i can not find out how to change my username as there is no option for this when i get to that point. Please just need some help, Cheers. Clive

  difarn 17:15 28 Dec 2011

I have never been able to complete that. I use thinkbroadband instead - you don't have to bother with all of the above.

  bluemoon69 13:05 29 Dec 2011

Cheers for that mate. Just that once i start something i have to see it through LOL. Damn annoying still haven't sused it out :( Cheers anyway.

  difarn 13:48 29 Dec 2011

Still unsure why it is asking you to do it this way. Found this article which intimates it is the actual hub you should be changing the network password on and this makes more sense.

The should be typed into the url address bar at the top of the browser page. You will then put in your password and then change it to what you have been asked to do.

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