Speed test says 1.4Mbps - synching at 3.2Mbps

  Blake7© 10:52 29 May 2006

When I go to click here and do the custom test, I enter 3296 as my sync speed (my modem stats say 3296kbps and the little icon in the corner of the screen says 3.2Mbps). The results from the test say my speed is only 1.4Mbps! Is this something I should bring up with my ISP? Shouldn't I be getting faster results?

  johnnyrocker 10:55 29 May 2006

what actual speed package are you subscribed to with your isp?


  Blake7© 11:00 29 May 2006

Virgin Plan 1 - 8mb Max Adsl and I have been upgraded to max 2 weeks ago. I used to get 2.3Mbps on the speed tests but it's been at 1.4Mbps for a week now.

  Blake7© 13:12 29 May 2006

Any takers?

  Dipso 16:06 29 May 2006

click here With that sync speed your maximum possible data rate (or download speed) is 2.5 Meg. However, this is subject to other factors, contention at your exchange being one of them. The lower table shows that with your sync speed your ISP cannot log a fault with BT unless your download speed drops below 400Kbps, so you are well above that.

Have you tried doing the BT Speedtest. Follow this click here Preferably try to do the test in the early hours, between 1 and 6am. If you get more like you max possible speed then it's likely to be contention.

FWIW I should be able to get 7.15 Meg in theory but realistically have never achieved more than 6 and this was at 6am.

  Dipso 16:12 29 May 2006

I think I have answered one of your previous posts and said then, that to get 2.3 from a line with a potential 2.5 highest speed was very good. I get around 3 Meg on average at peak times which is less than 50% of what my line should be able to achieve, this starts to improve around midnight but I have to get some sleep then, so compared to me you are doing well! :)

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