speed test result variation

  omhie2 13:37 20 Jan 2018

Different sites give different{consistently} speed test readings but 70mb difference seems excessive. Any explanation? Does Flash have anything to do with it?

  wee eddie 15:17 20 Jan 2018

I know that your speed varies from moment to moment, depending on how many other people in your neighbourhood are actually downloading at the same time as the test is being run

  Trumplin 22:51 27 Mar 2018

I advise you to use several sites to check the speed. For example I use this speedtest it shows the exact results and there is little advertising.

  Govan1x 23:44 27 Mar 2018


Domain 1st Registered 2017-12-28 (3 months ago) Server Location Flag (EE) Estonia. is not in the UK

Can we trust it.

  Forum Editor 10:28 28 Mar 2018


A speed test server does not have to be located in the UK to be effective.

  Forum Editor 11:08 28 Mar 2018


Readers should be aware that you must have FlashPlayer installed before you can use that test.

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