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  HighTower 13:19 09 Jul 2003

I have a W2k system which works well and has been going without problems for a couple of years now. I think that due to installing, uninstalling and general use it feels slower than it used to and doesn't have that "freshly installed" feel anymore.

Has anybody any useful tips or advice as to whether you can return a pc to this state using a software application, or do you think you just get used to it's speed over time and infact the pc just feels slower!

I'd be interested in anyones opinions

  spikeychris 13:34 09 Jul 2003

Maybe a backup and reinstall is in order. If you don't want to then get rid of everything you don't want and use sfc.

You could also click here and disable all the services you don't need, 2K is a fantastic platform but if its used on a standalone then theres a lot of fat that can safely be cut.


  HighTower 13:53 09 Jul 2003

But forgive my ignorance, whats sfc? I did a quick search for it and concluded that it's either the Sexual Freedom Centre, the Sustainable Foods Center or Samsung Fine Chemicals. :-)

I'll try the services idea.

  spikeychris 14:11 09 Jul 2003

Yep well its not the sexual freedom centre but if you could post a link to it.....

SFC is the system file checker, if you type sfc /scannow it will scan all the protected system files and replaces incorrect versions with correct Microsoft versions. It also repopulates the DLLCache folder with the most recent versions of protected files.

Just bang the 2K disk in the drive and type the above into run and hit enter.


  HighTower 14:20 09 Jul 2003

Now I'm clear on what sfc is (doesn't sound as interesting as my search results but never mind!) I'll give it a try! Never even knew the facility existed!

Is there any chance it could mess things up, for example if I have installed a service pack would sfc replace the more recent files with originals?

  spikeychris 14:29 09 Jul 2003

Ah well thats a bit of a problem, SFC will find these entries and think there wrong as it doesn't recognise them, Downloaded hotfixes might have to be re-downloaded.

Service pack 4 identifies itself to SFC so if you have that it will not overwrite them.


  HighTower 14:31 09 Jul 2003

I have auto update enabled so guess SP4 is installed, but I'll check.

I'll let you know how it goes, thanks.

  PA28 14:45 09 Jul 2003

you'll probably have a clugged up registry, and - unless you've been doing your bit - your hard drive will be all over the place. A bit of defragmenting and optimising will do the world of good. As spikeychris said earlier, a complete backup and reinstall yields the best answer, but can be a pain to do (I normally go through the pain; it's worth it at the end, believe me).

Now you can either optimise and defrag using the Windows tools (have a look in help - it'll guide you) or you can use a utility suite such as Norton or similar. The latter I find to be much easier and effective.

The other measures that can induce new life are more memory (up to about 512Mb), faster hard drive (in which case you're in a reinstallation scenario anyway) and make sure you have the latest drivers installed - particularly in the graphics department. You don't tell us too much about your system, so these are general comments which I would apply to all machines which are a couple of years old and have probably been abused!!

  HighTower 15:33 09 Jul 2003

Thanks for your reply. I defrag around every month, and use Norton System Works quite regularly but think you are probably right about the registry. I have a lot of software in there so it could probably do with a good clean out.

There's 768Mb of RAM in the machine with a 1.2Gig Athlon chip so it's more than enough to handle most things.

The pc isn't dead slow, it's running well but just doesn't seem to have the zip it used to!

Thanks again for your opinions.

  woodchip 15:53 09 Jul 2003

IF you need to feel the speed, Format and Reinstall after you have saved all that is important Drivers, Docs Photos etc

  spikeychris 17:29 09 Jul 2003

Compacting the reg is a sure fire way of speeding up boot ups etc: only downside is searching the reg it takes a bit longer.


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