speed up it up with more ram?

  User-9323FC97-E4E8-4F1A-8C1E871A591FC908 21:15 16 Nov 2004

My neice has a pc with a celeron 701MHZ processor and 64mb of RAM with around a 9GB hard drive.

She has just got broadband and is increasingly frustrated by the slow speed of the PC.

Short of buying her a new PC what can I do to speed the thing up? Would a 256mb RAM help?

I would be most grateful of any advice

Thank you.

  herc182 21:29 16 Nov 2004

what speed connection does she have. the connection speed will be the biggest bottleneck. the increased ram will help when RE-visiting websites and help with showing pictures. however, the biggest thing should be the connection speed.

also install and run the programs suggested by jackcoms in the second post. search your Hard drive to see if there are any nasties slowing down your computer.

  herc182 21:30 16 Nov 2004


click here

here is the post i refer to in my previous response!

  VoG II 21:33 16 Nov 2004

Download click here to see what motherboard she has and which RAM slots are free.

Then go to click here to find out what memory is suitable.

I would recommend ordering from Crucial - their service is excellent.

  herc182 21:35 16 Nov 2004

and generally, an upgarde to 256 mb of ram will make a notable increase in speed in general operation of the computer....

Thank you for your advice. The broadband connection is a 300mb service, and her computer seems slow at the best of times with just ordinary tasks.

I bought Norton for it prior to connecting to the internet and it hasn't found anything lurking to date.

Do you think 256 would be the best memory size to go with for the system?, is any more pointless?

  VoG II 22:10 16 Nov 2004

You don't mention which version of Windows but if it is 98 or ME there is a limit of 512 MB unless you do some tweaking. 256 MB should be plenty unless she is playing "big" games and so on.

  herc182 22:11 16 Nov 2004

RAM increase can only get you so far, then a processor upgrade is more appropriate (although not for laptops as this can be very expensive or just not possible). go for the 256 as it will definately improve overall speed. check that your motherboard will support it (as suggested by VoG).

norton is an antivirus (to my knowledge) and will not detect spyware or adware (or trojans? - i may be corrected here).

Her pc is running windows xp an upgrade from its original windows ME OS.
The Norton package was the internet security and the anti virus, I really don't know for sure what it detects - a nice man called 'kevin' at pc world Leicester said it was the best thing since sliced bread and the only thing she would need?

  VoG II 22:41 16 Nov 2004

It is amazing that XP runs at all with that amount of ram (although spikeychris has managed the same, by all accounts).

An increase is definitely called for.

  herc182 22:57 16 Nov 2004

i second that. i have read that 128mb of ram is the bare minimum for xp.

norton the best since sliced bread? ahemmm....click here

personally i use zone alarm (the free version).

the pro version reviewed here click here

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