Speed Issues, Old Computer!

  NeilCaldicott 17:23 20 Nov 2003

I've got a Pentium 1.4 computer running Windows 98. It takes an age to start up in general runs quite slow.
I don't use it all that much (just some email and internet) so am loath to go out and buy a new computer. I was wondering what anyone would recommend in order to speed things up?

  Cretin07 17:25 20 Nov 2003

erm... get a real good cooling system and then overclock it. or insert more ram, or get a new processor.

  bremner 17:26 20 Nov 2003

As you say it takes an age to start I would first look at what programs are on the Start up menu.

At Run type msconfig. Then choose the Startup tab and see how many of the entries have ticks and report back

  NeilCaldicott 17:28 20 Nov 2003

will indeed check the Startup for programmes, thanks bremner.

Cretin07, how easy is it to add more Ram?

  Jonathan314159 18:14 20 Nov 2003

There's no good reason why a 1.4 should be slow so that you need to buy another computer. Would only be slow for playing latest games etc.

Not that that helps you much. I'm sure this is a last resort, but if all else failed back up your data etc and do a total reinstall. It would clear our rubbish which had accumulated in the registry etc

  bremner 18:28 20 Nov 2003

It is very easy to add RAM. You will need to check what you already have and whetehr it is a case of filling an empty slot or replacing an existing stick with one of a larger capacity.

click here and it will give you an idea of cost.

  Bris 19:53 20 Nov 2003

Clear out as much rubbish as possible by emtying the recycle bin, deleting temp files etc then defrag your HDD. The older versions of Windows dont like clutter also keep the number of open windows and loaded programs to a minimum.

  soy 09:52 21 Nov 2003

I read that older operating systems like 95 and 98 had bad memory management systems and would begin to slow down after a while of use.

Adding more memory is one of the best ways of speeding up your PC.

To help with 98's memory/cache management, you can download and install a program called 'Cacheman' click here. Cacheman is designed to optimize the memeory and cache usage. It was and i think is still highly rated here by many members.

A complete reinstall of your system would also help but its takes alot of time and not for the faint hearted. If you can, then I would recommend it, especially if the system hasn't been done before.

  ThePharcyde007 10:07 21 Nov 2003

I recently upgraded my P4 1.3Ghz which had 256MB RD-RAM it ran very smooth and quick for most usuage bar some top spec games where it struggled.

I would say you 1.4Ghz should be adequate for the Internet and as above would check out msconfig or download startup cop or simular which you can then stop certain programs loading up on startup

  NeilCaldicott 11:46 21 Nov 2003

This is all great advice - thanks.

Have wondered before whether a total reinstall would be a good idea - the computer was originally from PC World so I have their re-install disc... is this reliable?

Is there anything that I would have to do before going ahead with a reinstall? Jonathan314159 mentioned backing up data - would that just be things like word documents?

  alcudia 12:14 21 Nov 2003

If you have a recovery disc, and not a full Win 98 cd you need to be sure that every piece of hardware that came with the machine is still there and has not been changed, otherwise it is very likely that the disc will not work. These damn discs are a pain in the neck. You can discount keyboard and mouse, but graphics, sound, hard drive etc will need to be originals.

As for backing up, transfer everything you want to keep onto CD. Twice if you're paranoid like me.

If the disc should fail because it's just faulty you can usually get a replace from the dixon's web site

The process is normally painless.

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