Speed issue / disconnecting problem with new PC

  Gems_ca 17:31 14 Aug 2008

I need help.

I bought a new PC (Vista) on Jul 17. As I'm in rural Canada, I had to sign up with a Satellite Internet provider. Sounded good at the time.

However, ever since I have signed up with them I've been getting really slow speeds (up + download speeds). They can be as low as 53 for upload, and even lower at 47 for download speeds (which is just insane). The plan I'm signed up with should give around 1000 for download and 128 for upload (which is slow enough).

Anyway, when I connect my old laptop (XP) I get really good speeds, which get close to what I was told.

The ISP can't tell me what is wrong (had guy out twice already). They changed modem, which seemed to fix for a while, but then it went back to being slow, and disconnecting randomly.

Does anybody have an idea why this could be happening???

I'm getting desperate!

  crosstrainer 18:36 14 Aug 2008

I think the clue lies in your location "Think I'll go out to Alberta) springs to mind.

If you live a fair distance from your telephone exchange, then you are going to struggle.

As you say, you are getting insane slow speeds from your broadband connection.

Your ISP is unlikely to admit this, as they want your business, but fact is the price you pay for living in one of the most beautiful part's of the world is slow Internet access.

My advice would be to return to dial-up, as that is the speed you are currently getting.

You could try another service provider, but I'm afraid copper wire and distance are the issues here.

  Gems_ca 19:02 14 Aug 2008

Yep - Alberta is a beautiful place. :o)

I see what you are saying, and I think I will go back to dial-up, but why is it that the computer guy got much better speeds on his laptop than I ever got on my PC? Also, like I said, my laptop also gets better speeds than my PC.

So, could there be a problem with the PC after all?

  Halmer 19:26 14 Aug 2008

albeit not as bad as yours. I live approx 7 miles from my exchange so am not going to get great speeds.

I rang my ISP and they asked me to monitor and record the up/download speeds over a 24 hour period. They also asked me whether I had checked for viruses/malware etc. which I had. They then said that they would get the techie people to have a look. They rang me today to say that they had tweaked it as much as possible and asked me to test it.

The upload speed had dropped slightly but the download speed has doubled (You Tube videos will actually play now).

Still not brilliant at 2mbps but manageable.

  Gems_ca 19:41 14 Aug 2008

Glad it worked for you Halmer.

I've had the tech guy out twice, but nothing. When I speak to tech support on the phone, I get told it's the PC, or to monitor speeds, which I have been doing for over a week now.

I guess I'm still hoping someone will come along to say 'it's this problem - do that and it will be fixed'.

  Ditch999 20:20 14 Aug 2008

When you say "I had to sign up with a Satellite Internet provider." do you mean that you have a dish on your house and your broadband is supplied through this dish? Thats my understanding but some think that you are getting your broadband through a telephone line.

If its a dish and the laptop gets near the 1mbs service then your PC should get the same.
How does the PC connect to the broadband? Is it a modem and do you have to install drivers on Vista. If so check the manufactures website for updated Vista drivers for it.

  crosstrainer 20:32 14 Aug 2008

Internet access over a dish is so dependent on weather conditions that you really are not going to get a constant and realistic speed.

The tech guy wants you to stay for the money.

If thing's don't improve over week or so, then go back to steam powered dial-up.

And then you will have time to admire your surroundings :)

You could move to Toronto I suppose, was nice when I was last there, but that's a long time ago!

  Jim_F 21:13 14 Aug 2008


I'm confused - is it a case of XP OK and Vista no good on the same setup or are you using a different system for your Vista setup.

If its all the same then we only need to sort out the Vista problems !

  ambra4 23:34 14 Aug 2008

Windows Vista contains both the familiar IPv4 stack and the new IPv6 stack.

You do not need IPv6 at present time disable IPv6 in the Windows Vista system will improve your internet speed

Download the pdf file will tell you how to disable IPv6 in Vista

click here

  woodchip 23:41 14 Aug 2008

If the Laptop works at correct speed then its the new Vista PC that not what it should be. Its the Ethernet or Wireless connector that the problem I have a Laptop thats just the same but running XP Home on a built in Intel Wireless. It runs at half the speed of my other computers, even USB WiFi Dongle works at full speed

  Gems_ca 00:03 15 Aug 2008

Thanks all. Haven't been able to solve the problem, but have decided to give up instead. I will continue to use my laptop for now (the old one with XP). Oh, and they were both running over the same set-up (modem to satellite dish). Hubby has agreed tto buy a Mac and hope that all is fine with that - whether we stay with Satellite Internet or go back to dial-up.

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