speed of internet

  WaiKent 17:41 30 Oct 2003

i i have got a 5 port belkin network switch. connected it etc to two pcs. if both are on the internet how much will the speed decrease on a 150k modem with ntl?

  A_World_Maker 17:56 30 Oct 2003

Unless you have a 'rate controller' installed, which adjusts the ratio of shared bandwidth, and you are not both downloading streaming content and or large files, then you shouldn't notice any decrease. If you both are viewing streaming content, then it is fair to say you will both get roughly 50% of the bandwidth.

  DieSse 17:57 30 Oct 2003

Depends entirely on what they're both doing - if both downloading, then they'll be down to about half-speed - if general surfing/messing about(!) - then you may not notice much slowdown at all.

  WaiKent 09:24 31 Oct 2003

so is a rate controller necessary or not and if so, where do i get one from. and how do i install it.

  DieSse 17:01 31 Oct 2003

so is a rate controller necessary


  A_World_Maker 19:33 07 Nov 2003

A 'rate controller' is simply a network service, that allows administrators to divide the available resources between 'clients' (users of the network) such as bandwidth. I hope that helps you gain some knowledge :-)

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