Speed doesn't slow down with a VPN?

  psandra 10:13 23 Nov 2018

So I thought that my connection speed is bound to drop when I connect to a VPN, but instead, my speed increased. Is this normal? I asked a friend of mine and he said my ISP must be throttling my speeds. 'FastestVPN' is the VPN that I bought. Maybe my ISP throttled my speed due to my excessive downloading? Can anyone explain?

  KEITH 1955 18:01 23 Nov 2018

in the good old days of dial up bt threw a timer on screen after 2 hours to say your about to be disconnected I complained because they would not cut you off if you made a 2 hour call.

but to answer your question isp's do throttle and some will even admit to it but I don't get why they do it , they say its to give others a chance to surf. I you are supposed to get p* off with a slow conection and pack up , if that's the case why do they offer UNLIMITED packages.

without knowing it you could have some games that monitor throttling , its called latency figure in the settings of games , I know that warframe and most of the half life games can monitor this setting.

  KEITH 1955 18:04 23 Nov 2018

extra note.... some isp's are suspicious about users who run vpn's they just ASUME you will be up to not good as it will be difficult if not impossible to monitor your activity.

  martd7 18:48 23 Nov 2018

Some vpns increase speed a little depends on server,protocol and load, How have you measured the download speed?

  wee eddie 22:18 23 Nov 2018

Regardless of the ISP, were I investigating 2 people, 1 of whom was using a VPN, I would concentrate on him

  wee eddie 23:05 23 Nov 2018

Oh, don't get me wrong. I wouldn't close VPN's. I'd just hack them.

  martd7 12:28 24 Nov 2018

I disagree ,a VPN is a valuable privacy tool but I think the poster is more interested in download speeds,isps used to traffic manage or throttle your speed if you were an excessive downloader,now I aren't convinced that's happening because ISP providers have signed up to the Get it Right policy whereby if you're caught downloading copyright material it's not the ISP monitoring it it's the record,TV,movie industry,they match your IP to the provider and inform them of the violation of copyright and the provider sends an educational email

  martd7 15:44 24 Nov 2018

I'm on ipVanish £20 for 3month,longer terms are much cheaper but I don't fancy paying out all that and then having problems retrieving the money via the 30day guarantee

Speedtest for me is almost as good as without VPN 230mb without,190-210 with,in the real world if using a torrent client which I assume Psandra is referring to the speed is incredibly low as 1.5mb because the way P2P traffic is routed,I find using a server in London or Manchester is actually same speed as a Belgium,France, Denmark,Netherlands server most euro countries dependent on server load

I can't vouch for winscribe but IP vanish would seem to be safe having run ip leak tests,and a few others,there is also a Kill Switch which disconnects you from the net should the VPN stop working which protects security,many vpns have this

  martd7 15:53 24 Nov 2018

Rdave 13

Thorough review here if you haven't read it probably answers all your questions

click here

  KEITH 1955 18:34 24 Nov 2018

Isp should not be allowed to throttle i pay for unlimited but regardless of what you do on internet and what package you are doing throttling is wrong ,

  martd7 18:51 24 Nov 2018

Rdave 13 Winscribe received an excellent review but they are in a 5eyes country which is not desirable,meaning at any time they would have to give up their logs,which would include customer payments and emails,very rare this happens but vpn companies Cyberghost and Hide my ass (HMA) were forced into it a few years ago,just something to be aware of

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