Speed Difference in HDD's ?

  Furkin 20:33 11 Jun 2010

I've been looking at HDD's today, anticipating getting one to go with a PSU that i'm after.

I've seen a few that are 'almost' identical,,,, apart from the speed.
One will run at 7200 whilst the other spins at 54/5900.
They can have anything from 3 to 11/16 ms.

What does this mean for my home computer ?
Why would I go for a slower model, for the same price as the faster one ?

many thanks

ACER T120 KM400. XPpro. 2Gb(max) Ram.

  T I M B O 20:45 11 Jun 2010

Don't quite me on this but don't Acer use what's called "Proprietary Parts" which means you can only replace exactly what you take out ?

  T I M B O 20:45 11 Jun 2010

quite = quote

  woodchip 21:05 11 Jun 2010

7200 is best

  woodchip 21:06 11 Jun 2010

Are these IDE drives?

  gaucho. 23:59 11 Jun 2010

uses IDE hard drives. Go for 7200 rpm with a large cache, 8Mb or over for better performance.

  MAT ALAN 00:02 12 Jun 2010

Why would I go for a slower model, for the same price as the faster one ?

Well you wouldn't would you, so just buy the faster one...

  Strawballs 04:03 12 Jun 2010

My Acer has a Hitachi HDD in it

  Technotiger 07:46 12 Jun 2010

I recently fitted a Samsung HDD in my Acer laptop.

  AL47 08:42 12 Jun 2010

If you only have IDE connectors you nred to stick to only IDE drives

Faster is better for boot drive but I have a 5400 1.5tb drive for storage,

If you have SATA connectors that's better but I doubt you do.

The ms time is probably seek time, my 10000 rpm velociraptor drive has a 7 ms seek time while generally 7200rpm have 14 ms, obviously faster is better, ssd for example have 0.1 ms seek time

  Furkin 08:57 12 Jun 2010

Oh - I hadn't heard that.
Over the years I have changed the CPU cooler > changed a DVD reader to Writer > added another DVD Writer > added 2nd HDD > HANNS Monitor. Now have two of each.
Original HDD was WD 40Gb. I added Seagate 120Gb. (though I swapped 'em around - Seagate now being master). WD (D:\ = slave) only contains my CD collection.
Do you rekkon the case will only take a certain PSU ? (I don't mind drilling to fit another if that's all it takes. I did that to add the 2nd HDD.
If I really have to - i'll either start to build another unit, or get a 'bare bones' kit.
If I can't upgrade ACER,,,,, I won't buy the brand again.

My 'existing' are IDE. Bit by bit, I was hoping (after adding better PSU & app connections) to swap out the IDE bits for SATA ones.

see below.

I had assumed that "the faster the better", which is what I went for when adding the last HDD. I just can't understand why manufacturers make two speeds - at the same time - for similar money ?

SB & TT:
There was a 1T Samsung (SATA) available last week, for £43 - which I would have gone for 'if I had all the answers' then.

cheers folks

PS: B-in-Law just sent link to someones post on AV (TV) forum about PVR hdd's. Someone asked about replacing HDD in one. One reply was to go for a slower madel for pvr use ! I still don't know why ! Surely more speed is better for both applications ?!?!

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