speed controller settings for PSU

  wolfman101180 01:09 10 May 2005

I have recently built my first pc. I am using Thermaltake 480W Butterfly psu. I have installed the speed controller that came with it, but am unsure about what speed to run it at. I want my psu to run as quiet as possible, which i know means running it at the lowest RPM, but i'm unsure what speed this is whilst still providing sufficient cooling.
Also, where do i view what my current RPM is?

Does anyone have any suggestions?



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  DieSse 01:33 10 May 2005

It's knowing what the temperature in the PSU is that's important, not what the actual fan speed is.

Does the PSU manual not tell you how to monitor it's temperature? - If not why not ask the manufacturer.

  wolfman101180 02:03 10 May 2005

Thanks DieSse

Where do i view what the temperature of the psu is and what kind of temps is the norm?


  leo49 02:09 10 May 2005

If you get 'Everest Home Edition'

click here

this will display mobo and CPU temperatures and also your fan speed[and just about everything else data-wise on your PC] so that you can experiment with the speed settings and see how they affect temperatures.

  DieSse 02:13 10 May 2005

You connect up the sensor, as the manual will tell you - then you either run a suitable sensing program , or you look in the BIOS.

Try these click here click here

What temperature should t be - I haven't a clue - maybe the manufacturers should tell you this.

  leo49 02:15 10 May 2005

You stalking me today? :o)

  DieSse 02:21 10 May 2005

i woz ere first ;-))

  leo49 02:30 10 May 2005

Well at least we know Kilroy won't be around much in the near future - thank god.

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