Speed capped by virgin media

  VNAM75 18:32 14 Feb 2009

I'm on 2mb broadband and I usually get 1.8mb download speed. But last night and today up to about 3pm I have downloaded about 1gb+ Now I'm getting half down speed at 0.9mb.

I don't test my speed connection or download large amounts often, but is this is it likely that virgin have capped my speed or another reason? If its capped, when am I likely to get my full download speed back? I'm not downloading at the moment.

  woodchip 18:42 14 Feb 2009

Have you tried turning your Router Modem off then back on With Switch if there is on on the above Router may have a button on the back

  woodchip 18:43 14 Feb 2009

PS do not switch it strait back on, give it at least two minutes

  User-1229748 18:47 14 Feb 2009

click on traffic management for infoclick here

  VNAM75 18:48 14 Feb 2009

I switched the pc off for about an hour so I don't think its the router. I'm not really complaining, I'm just curious as to what the cause is. Rather than my web pages opening up lightening fast in firefox its merely very fast at the moment!

  woodchip 18:49 14 Feb 2009

Switching PC off is no good, you need to turn the router of at the back of it

  VNAM75 19:00 14 Feb 2009

woodchip the router was swicthed off too along with the pc, but smackheadz's link explains it:

For my 2mb package the limits are:

Time applied: day time 10-3pm
Threshold: 1gb
% throttled: 50%
Throttling duration: 5 hours

So I'm on half speed for the next few hours.

click here

  kjrider 19:04 14 Feb 2009

I have noticed when downloading Linux OS or other large files, that after a while it goes very slowly. That means I have to leave the pC on overnight to download.


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