jaygice 18:12 21 Dec 2005

iv just got bulldog 8meg im paying for 8meg and im only getting 6.3meg does anyone know y this is had it for a week now and speed stays the same cheers

  Smiler 18:13 21 Dec 2005

Are you paying for 8meg or UPTO 8meg??

  woodchip 18:14 21 Dec 2005

BT line if that's what you are on

  PaulB2005 18:14 21 Dec 2005

Saw a client the other day with Wanadoo 8 Mb and their's showed 6.2 Mb when connected. Didn't think anything of it until you mention it now....

  Smiler 18:20 21 Dec 2005

Have a look here click here
it says upto 8meg

  jaygice 18:25 21 Dec 2005

yeah woodchip with a bt line bulldog told me on the phone and promised 8meg not below that so whats the score with this

  i.tech 20:21 21 Dec 2005

When interpreting your connection speed you need to factor in the maximum speed your phone line will support. In order to achieve 8MB connection speeds, your local exchange must be capable of this, BT will be able to confirm this for you. Other factors may include your distance from the exchange, you can boost your signal by going to the website of your modem and downloading an extended reach driver. You may also have a fault partly blocking the ADSL signal on your line, your ISP will be able to test this for you (BT will only confirm if it's capable of voice calls). If none of that helps it could be your pc, if you are using alot of system recources, and you have a software modem (which if it was free from Bulldog it will be) your speed will be affected. Try typing msconfig in start and run and checking the startup tab. If you have anything prior to WinXP be careful if you uncheck any of the boxes as they may be needed for the operating system to run correctly.

If you pay for an 8MB connection through Bulldog then they are contractually obliged to provide this unless your contract states upto 8MB. You usually find that slow speeds aren't down to the ISP.

  woodchip 20:26 21 Dec 2005

It will only work as fast as the BT line and Exchange lets you. No matter what Bulldog have sold you

  i.tech 20:46 21 Dec 2005

"If you pay for an 8MB connection through Bulldog then they are contractually obliged to provide this"

Sorry, when I say this I mean that they are providing a service with that speed, whether you achive that speed or not.

  jaygice 21:19 21 Dec 2005

thats great help cheers iv been told by bt it can handle the speed rang bulldog and thay said i should be getting 8meg i am trying to find the extended reach driver you mention i.tech but carnt find it

  i.tech 21:20 21 Dec 2005

what modem are you using?

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