Speech Bubbles Over Toolbar on Internet Explorer

  Dannyb 21:25 24 Nov 2003

I am frequently getting a couple of speech bubbles over my toolbars when I connect to some sites, but not all. The bubbles read: "Auto close after --- Seconds" and then the seconds count down and the window closes. I am using Internet Explorer 6 and Windows 2000 Pro. Does anybody know what this is and how I can stop it re-occurring. Thanks.

  christmascracker 10:27 25 Nov 2003


  Dannyb 10:47 25 Nov 2003

Don't know what ^ means christmascracker, however, it seems to only effect the pcadvisor website at the moment

  christmascracker 10:50 25 Nov 2003

It's just a way of getting your thread back up to the top so more people can read it and maybe offer some help even though I cant

  Dannyb 10:51 25 Nov 2003

Thanks for that, and there was I thinking it was a windup. Cheers.

  Djohn 10:55 25 Nov 2003

That is christmascracker making a post to your thread to bring it back to the top of the page. Many forum members will try to help by "Refreshing" the thread if they don't have the answer themselves

This will help to attract other peoples attention, who may have the answer for you. j.

  SketcH 11:36 25 Nov 2003

It's probably that bloody 'Athlon64' banner that masks the IE toolbar. It's a complete pain in the ass.

I've had my mouse pointer completely disappear because of it. Try pressing the 'opt out' button when you don't know where your sodding mouse is on the screen...... no fun. No fun at all.

...and it's all very well opting out, but when you use tools that clear out internet clutter, like cookies. It just comes back again. Aaarrghh!

Damn you PC Advisor and your 'clever' ads.

Incidentally I'm also using IE6 and Win2k Pro. It might just be a PCA site issue.


  Dannyb 18:32 25 Nov 2003

I haven't noticed the athlon banner, just the bubbles......

  christmascracker 19:26 25 Nov 2003

Do you not get it on any other site than this one and have you tried clicking on the bubble to see what happens?

Just a thought have you ran Adaware or Spybot just to be on the safe side to check you havn't got any nasties on your pc.

  Dannyb 19:30 25 Nov 2003

Tried all that christmascracker, no success.

  [email protected] E 20:19 25 Nov 2003

what sites does it happen on?

post links we can try them.

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