Specific laptop won´t work on wifi during heavy traffic

  rawfa 12:17 11 Nov 2014

Hi guys, lets see if anyone can help me out with this pickle.

Issue: - whenever I have intense traffic on my laptop (downloads, navigation, etc) my connection stops entirely (even though the internet wifi status shows up as “connected” on my laptop I cannot download or navigate on different browsers…many times it just says “resolving host” and the websites just won´t open)

Relevant: - This only affects my laptop. My wife´s laptop and our mobile devices all work - This doesn´t happen when I connect the Ethernet cable to my laptop

Troubleshooting so far: - Upgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate to Windows 8.1 Pro - Update all my laptop´s drivers (Asus G75V) - Flushed DNS - Tried using a static DNS from open DNS - Disabling the router´s firewall - Disabling the laptop´s firewall - Disconnecting and connecting from back again to my wifi connection usually does the trick, but sometimes I have to do this over and over again until it´s stable.

  SparkyJack 13:06 11 Nov 2014

At a guess the system is too busy

Close all these 'background applications that are running not relevant to the current session.

All those 'packaged apps' that litter Win8 are using resources.

If you have nintention focusing some thin them out.

A good app to do this is 'Revo uninstaller' that not only removes the app but clears all trace in the registry.

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