Specialised Printer needed

  iratetemp 12:54 27 Jul 2009

Hi All,

about to kill someone so help much appreciated!

I've been asked to purchase a colour printer for our University department which is capable of printing 10,000 certificates per month.

These certificated weigh 160g and are a coloured parchment with a gold leaf standard on it. Due to the volume going through previous printers have melted the gold leaf.

I spoke to HP, and they recommended the 5550n dtn, but did say with the volume going through they couldn't guarantee they same thing would happen.

Any ideas? The next scale up seems to be a commercial printer (£30000 etc)!!

  wiz-king 06:50 28 Jul 2009

I would suggest a rethink of the problem. Could you get your paper supplier to do all but the name even if it means having several varients then you would not need a colour printer, and mono lasers do not run quite so hot.

  wee eddie 22:08 29 Jul 2009

I have held back for someone to offer a solution as I don't have one.

As part of the Laser Printing process includes heat, it is not a bye-product of the process, you may have to consider an Ink-jet or Bubble jet.

Dye Sublimation (I think that that's what it's called) would be another alternative or one of those that use plastic Ribbon.

  iratetemp 12:40 30 Jul 2009

Luckily this has been taken out of my hands!

Thanks anyway, I did think outsourcing and making this all someone else’s problem was the way to go, but problems with the program the student records was a problem apparently....

HP recommended an Edgeline, but a product specialist I spoke to seemed to think their Colour Laserjet 5550dtn would be able to cope due to its modern fuse technology or something.

Fortunately, someone else’s problem- but thanks again!

  Play1234 01:14 26 Sep 2009

I would recommend talking to the guys from click here - these guys sort me out for everything I need. Ink, Printers, etc.. if you need it they got it.

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