special effects ( change the background)

  stephen0205 12:03 03 Jul 2006

i have some clips for a movie me and some pals are making and im really good at filming but i hate the backgrounds so i was wondering for frames like someone walking past houses if i could replace it with buildings like skyscrapers and large buildings but the person must still wak past so if you could help me can you tell me software to use ..money is no problem.

  nick_j007 12:06 03 Jul 2006

Having just read this through it seems a little unclear as to exactly what it is you're wanting to achieve.

Perhaps you could clarify your mission? :-)


  Stuartli 12:07 03 Jul 2006
  Stuartli 12:07 03 Jul 2006

I gather stephen0205 wishes to superimpose his subject on a different background.

  stephen0205 18:12 03 Jul 2006

there is a cene in my movie where my pal is left his wife ( in the movie....hes not married) and he walks past a bunch of houses that are tacky and it looks very dull so i wanted buildings but him still walking.

  Stuartli 23:28 03 Jul 2006

Then the scene you wish to recreate is possible with the links provided.....

But your pal should make his mind up as to whether he is married or not - it probably makes a big difference to the alimony payments...:-)

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