Speccy showing same number on 2 pc's

  bumpkin 21:43 12 Nov 2015

This is not really a problem but I am curious as to how it can happen. I have 2 completely different PC's both running W10 after a recent upgrade from W7, they are both working smoothly with 10, none of the problems I was expecting having read others posts.

Just playing around with it as one does with a new O/S, "Speccy" shows both of them as having the same Serial Number. What do you make of that?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:05 12 Nov 2015

Its only a generic serial number used during the upgrade process, the proper number is now kept on MS servers.

  bumpkin 22:12 12 Nov 2015

Thanks FB. It appeared to me that the same Product/Licence key was being used on both PC's. Explanation appreciated.

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