Spec for new computer

  the old man 22:03 22 Dec 2005

click here

Is this any good for the price and how does the graphics card rate. I eagerly await your wisdom. I just don't know where to start in looking. have had suggestions in the past about cube 24/7, evesham etc. another question is why do Dell say they have good spec computers for excellent prices and the graphics are absolute pants. for their prices and the system has integrated graphics or intel extreme, i just don't understand that one.

  Pamy 22:36 22 Dec 2005

Spec looks good to me, but more than I would like to pay. It all depends on what you realy nead/want. I would guess that the sound is built onto the main Asus board. but that would be fine for me.

  Totally-braindead 23:35 22 Dec 2005

It looks like a cracking PC for the money. The graphics card looks good click here but theres one thing I would change if I was into games. I'd be looking for a motherboard that had either SLI for Nvidia cards or Crossfire for ATI cards, these are boards that have the option to install 2 graphics cards at the same time and therefore improve the graphics. If you're not a gamer then its probably a waste of time. Dell do good computers for the price but if you buy a PC for say £400 what do you expect to get. If you look at the higher price systems such as click here you will see what I mean

  GaT7 00:08 23 Dec 2005

Totally-braindead, just noticed that if one clicks on the Configure button, or click here, the mobo can be upgraded to the SLI spec for £35 extra : )

Almost everything else can be configured to one's need/fancy, so it's quite flexible - a feature which I like. G

  007al 00:30 23 Dec 2005

It also makes it another £150 rather than £35,as you would have to change to Nvidia card to use SLI capabilities

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