spec. for media server PC

  SteevScotland 22:11 18 Feb 2005

I want to set up a pc which will run as a server for my music, video and other files such as pictures and word documents over my wireless network. I would like it to be as quiet as passable. and as cheep as possible to set up. what spec. to you recommend ? Also operating systems which should I use. the pc will connect to my desktop and my laptop both running XP and possibly my PDA running Pocket pc 2003

Cheers S

  LastChip 00:18 19 Feb 2005

It is unlikely that you would be able to set-up a cheap server for what you wish to do, although I suppose it depends upon what you consider to be cheap.

The point is, you require bandwidth to run the services successfully and that in turn requires a reasonably high specification computer with the fastest wireless network cards. Keep in mind, although 802.11a (and g) support up to 54Mbs, this is the theoretical maximum, and the likely throughput will fall far short of that, particularly if there are a number of obstacles in the way. This is less than the now standard 100Mbs wired networks and falls considerably short of the Gigabit networks now coming on stream.

Audio is not so bad, but video is a real bandwidth eater and that is potentially your biggest hurdle. You can see this in video clips you may download and the sometimes erratic behaviour of playback.

This sort of multimedia is still in its infancy and until such times as some cleaver individual comes up with a way to either shrink the files further without quality loss, or open up the bandwidth through some cleaver electronic means, your stuck with relatively low quality and slow speeds!

Not an easy project!

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