Speakers - Would Any Off The Shelf Ones Work?

  the-peoples-poet 11:08 06 May 2013


I have a Dell Inspiron 530. I would like a set of external speakers for it but I have been told by some people that because my computer is a Dell and because it is now quite a few years old, that any 'off the shelf' speakers won't work with it. Is that true? I don't want to have to spend a small fortune on a set, the budget won't stretch to a fancy set atm.

Any advice?

Thanks - Sarah.

  Woolwell 11:42 06 May 2013

Any speakers will work provided they are plugged into the correct socket. Surprised that as a desktop that it didn't come with speakers.

  Ian in Northampton 12:22 06 May 2013

Like Woolwell says - computers have had an audio out socket for attaching speakers pretty much since the first PCs were made back in the early 1980s, so I don't know what 'some people' are thinking of. Yes, any speakers will work so long as they have the necessary audio plug (as any that are designed for PC use will). Then, your choice is whether to pay £1, £10 or £100... FWIW, sticking to brand names is generally a good idea (I'm a big fan of Creative), powered speakers will always give you more volume than unpowered (the difference is whether they come with their own power supply/wall plug) - and a set with a subwoofer is mostly very well worth having.

  Batch 12:23 06 May 2013

Just to clarify, any set of POWERED speakers (i.e. ones with their own built in powered amplifier) will work. The speakers should come with a mains adapter lead and a signal lead with a 3.5mm jack plug which should plug into the pale green jack socket on teh back of the PC.

By way of contrast, a pair of non-powered spearkers (as one would connect to a hifi system) would not really work (the PC would not produce a sufficiently powerful signal to drive teh speakers).

  Ian in Northampton 12:26 06 May 2013

Batch: is that really the case? I'd swear I've used non-powered speakers. The sound is a bit rubbish/weak, but they are acceptable for most purposes except serious music listening. For sure, laptops support unpowered speakers, which are much more portable.

  the-peoples-poet 12:42 06 May 2013


Thank you both for your comments. And yes, all those years ago when I got this comp, it never had speakers come with it. The only reason I want a set now is that I have finally got myself set up with decent broadband and I can stream internet radio. I would like to hear it properly as opposed to listening via an app on my mobile phone.

Sarah :)

  martd7 12:43 06 May 2013

Passive speakers,ones that need to be connected to an amplifier Active speakers,ones that have an inbuilt amp or are driven through the powered subwoofer,most pc speakers are active

If you just want some cheap speakers this will be as good as you will get http://www.cclonline.com/product/19879/980-000011/PC-Speakers/Logitech-S120-Speaker-System/SPK0132/

Spend a little more and get something with a bit of clarity and definition and bass http://www.cclonline.com/product/42375/51MF0405AA003/PC-Speakers/Creative-Inspire-A320-Speakers/SPK1172/

  the-peoples-poet 13:13 06 May 2013


I am not spending £30+ on a set of speakers that will barely get used, I can't justify the cost atm.

I was considering these, they seem to have got good reviews from the people who have bought them already. They are small and wont' take up much space and reasonably priced.


Sarah :)

  onthelimit1 13:31 06 May 2013

Yes, green socket on the back. Dell offer speakers (and loads of other things) as optional extras.

  martd7 13:40 06 May 2013

they are usb powered so no mains plug

the first set i linked to were the same brand slightly cheaper

  the-peoples-poet 13:47 06 May 2013


It was the reviews I looked at, when I posted that link, they were all positive.

Sarah :)

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