Speakers stop working (randomly) Then they pop...

  chaslocke1994 16:48 11 Dec 2011


I have a very irritating problem with my computer speakers. I will explain what happens; I come home from work, and they will not be working! I switch the dial on, the light glows green and I can hear the speakers are all connected and working fine if i turn the volume up high (can hear slight static). Then all of a sudden, when using my headphones instead (speakers still powered on) they pop around 5-6 times (probably the number of speakers there are) then they work again.

They do this randomly as I haven't been doing anything significant over the times it has happened.

I have checked all connections, on the sub box, and in the back of my pc. All is well there.

My setup is;

Creative 5.1 surround sound system asus motherboard amd cpu

I hope someone can help!

Thanks very much in advance!

  Aitchbee 09:20 12 Dec 2011

Maybe try connecting each individual speaker, one at a time, to an external music output, and have a good listen to each one. This will tell you if the speakers ar ok.If you hear any distortion or no sound at all, then, that speaker must be faulty.That's what I would do for starters.

  Aitchbee 09:31 12 Dec 2011

chaslocke1994 - you may have connected to the wrong 'Speakers' Forum ;o)

  carver 09:34 12 Dec 2011

This would have been better posted in help room but I think your problem is the electronics in your sub failing, nothing you can do about it because it will cost more to fix than buying a new set up.

  Covergirl 21:10 13 Dec 2011

chaslocke1994 if you need more help you'll have to come back on, otherwise let us know how you got on. Success?

  Covergirl 21:12 13 Dec 2011

Oh xxxx! Wrong forum. See here

  chaslocke1994 21:37 13 Dec 2011

The problem still persists! Sorry about the misunderstanding with the forum business! Really not with it recently ha!

It would certainly make sense with the internals unfortunately. My father is an electrician so maybe he could crack open the sub and test a few components but we'll see! Thank you for all your help ladies and gents :)

Best Regards, Chas Locke

  Forum Editor 22:52 13 Dec 2011

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