Speakers problem(one speaker doesnt work)

  uros55511 21:21 20 Apr 2019

Here is the problem I have. One of my speakers doesn't work. Is there a way to set my other speaker to play all sounds?

  wee eddie 21:31 20 Apr 2019

It might be better to make both work. Why do you think that this has happened

  uros55511 21:34 20 Apr 2019

Because I start a test, then left speaker work but the left doesn't.

  x13 21:47 20 Apr 2019

Information here is like a dentist pulling the wrong tooth.

How are the speakers connected. What PC/Console are you connecting to?

Tried reversing the connections from left speaker to the right? Tried the working speaker on both ports?

Because I start a test, then left speaker work but the left doesn't.

And here's me thinking I'm going mad.

  uros55511 22:12 20 Apr 2019

I am really not sure how my speakers are connected. I use PC.

  wee eddie 22:20 20 Apr 2019

Let's start at the beginning. Are you using a PC or a Laptop? Are they built into the monitor?

What make and model are they?

Are they Stand Alone, with or without a Sub-woofer? That's my guess from what you have said.

Are they USB or Mains powered? Are they connected together? Is one of them connected to the PC and is that plug pushed right in?

  uros55511 22:32 20 Apr 2019

I use PC .They are not built in monitor.Aiwa xs-g3.Mains powered.They are connected but to something like redio/cd player/... .That something is pluged in pc.

  wee eddie 23:18 20 Apr 2019

The cable between the Audio and the PC. Is it a stereo cable have a look at this and which socket in the Audio is it plugged into

  wee eddie 23:23 20 Apr 2019

By the way you can get special PC speakers for less than this lot Currys on eBay and probably less than a £5 at a Sunday Market

  x13 00:33 21 Apr 2019

So it's a stereo system not just speakers? This one I presume?

Have a look at the manual as it may give instructions how to connect to a PC. I've not read it through but it may be a circuit gone through old age or not connected correctly.

  x13 00:42 21 Apr 2019

First link Amazon refuses as it is discontinued. Appologies for that. Second link works however.

Check the manual and if you still can't get both speakers to work i's time to upgrade I think.

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