Ronnie_231 13:09 11 Aug 2006

hi, I plugged my speakers into the front audio input (the green hole where u put your speaker wire into)

and when you plug it into the front input then it disables the back! and now when i plug it into the back no sound comes out!!!

a man came to fix it and he was on realtek audio effects manager and he took the wire in and out and clicked sumert and sumfin and it worked in the back, can any1 help me?? im gona get killed off ma dad lol. quick plz!!!!!!!!!!!!

  skidzy 13:49 11 Aug 2006

Ronnie...try going to Control panel/switch to classic view/sounds and audio devices/Audio/sound playback/Advanced/Speakers...now find the correct setup you are using.

Also give device manager a look to see if any yellow exclaimation marks are present under sound and video.
If you find any yellow exclaimation marks,right click and uninstall them and reboot...this assuming you are using xp..after reboot xp should enable them and find the correct drivers.

Hope this helps.

  Stuartli 14:53 11 Aug 2006

Double click on the Volume Icon in the Taskbar (bottom right hand corner) and ensure in the panel that no inputs/outputs have been Muted that shouldn't have been.

If they are, uncheck the relevant box(es).

  Ronnie_231 18:11 11 Aug 2006

didnt work. :(

  Baby Rhys 18:43 11 Aug 2006

Have u tried your sounds and audio devices under control panel, check to see what is the default device selected under the audio tab. it's worth giving it a try ...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:17 11 Aug 2006

Sound setup
click here

  Ronnie_231 20:17 11 Aug 2006

I have seen everything, everything is fine! it's just that the back panel is disabled at the moment and it needs to be enabled. Anyone know how to enable it?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:16 11 Aug 2006

To enable / disable right click on the device in device manager.

  Ronnie_231 21:24 11 Aug 2006

ah, it is enabled there but it isn't litrally enabledm if you know what i mean

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