Speakers for Amazon Dot wired via the 3.5 jack

  Ex plorer 11:47 22 Oct 2017

Hi I am looking for a Good speaker for the Amazon Dot wired using the jack.

(Not a portable or battery speaker that seem to pop in searches in Google.)

Why I mention this my old Cambridge 2 Tv Speaker can connect OK to the Dot in this way, via the 3.2 jack I just set the speaker to AUX on the remote.

There is no issue with controlling volume through Alexa.

There must be many more speakers out there that have the same AUX on the remote and nearly all with the jack input.

The old Cambridge is far better than the Echo but still room for improvement.

The other alternative is the Sonos Play 5 but to much money for me at £450.

I all ready have a few Dots controlling my home lighting etc. I just need the speakers to listen to my music.

So has any one any suggestions or hooked up in a similar way with other speakers that are good.

My preference is to use the Dot with speakers elsewhere and not combined units.

  Ex plorer 13:26 22 Oct 2017

Should read via the 3.5 jack

  Ex plorer 19:12 27 Oct 2017

Hi back again, so for us that don’t want Battery Operated portable speakers might the answer to get a Active/Powered speakers with Bluetooth to boost and better the sound of a Amazon Dot.

Anyone who would like to give an opinion if this is what I should be looking into.

I can’t help feeling it’s not as no reviews point to these units as an alternative.

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