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  recap 12:05 07 Jan 2008

Is it possible to use a set of HiFi speakers on a laptop. If so does the laptop require a certain type of sound card?

Thanks in advance, recap

  Technotiger 13:23 07 Jan 2008

Full size hifi speakers would probably not work on a laptop, however, if the speakers are still connected to the hifi you could connect laptop audio-out to hifi.

  Technotiger 13:29 07 Jan 2008

Laptop speakers ... click here

Laptop Soundcard, click here

  recap 13:49 07 Jan 2008

Thanks Technotiger.

Computer speakers don't do the job required unfortunately. We have tried several different ones but they don't give the right quality of sound needed. They are for my son who is studying music production at University.

  Technotiger 14:58 07 Jan 2008

The soundcard in my link above should make all the difference.

  recap 20:08 07 Jan 2008

Thanks Technotiger for your further input.

thanks for your information. I have my own Hifi set up [Denon amplifier, NAD CD player, Thorens TDC Mk11 deck with Mayware formula 4 arm which has served me well] unfortunately my son who is at Leeds University has not got an amplifier.

My son has a good set of headphones, but headphones alone are not enough for him as he requires to hear the sound around a room.

It looks like I will have to get him a seperate amp and speakers.

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