GOBEEN 01:24 21 Apr 2005

Hi ppl.how can Iuse ordinary music centre speakers on my P/C.can this be done???they are much too good to just take to the tip, GOBEEN.

  DieSse 01:49 21 Apr 2005

The problem is that the output from the PC is meant to feed an amplifier (which is inside "computer loudspeakers). So, even if you did make a cable up to connect them, there would be very, very little volume.

  Graham ® 09:00 21 Apr 2005

That should be 'The output from "some" PCs is meant to feed an amplifier'.

Depends on your sound card. If the output is marked 'Line out' you need an amp. If it is labelled 'Speakers' you don't.

  Stuartli 09:07 21 Apr 2005

There are a number of other reasons to take into account, including the fact that your music centre speakers will not be magnetically shielded.

Basic computer stereo speakers are designed to make the most of the low signal output; 2.1 and upwards usually have an amplifier in the bass/sub-woofer unit.

If you go to click here, particularly its TodayOnly page, you'll find famous hi-fi manufacturer Altec Lansing's computer speakers from around £10 upwards and 2.1, 4.1 etc versions upwards from around £18.

Rest assured they will almost certainly sound even better than your music centre speakers.

  fazer 13:51 21 Apr 2005


If you are looking for true or even comparable Hi-Fi sound from your computer, unless you have a top of the range sound card and some decent speakers it is'nt going to happen I'm afraid.

You have to bear in mind that a domestic CD, turntable etc is manufactured with the sole aim of reproducing sound - computers are'nt!

If your speakers are good quality you could always hook up an amplifier to your computer to power them.

I must also take issue with stuartli's statement "Rest assured they will almost certainly sound even better than your music centre speakers" Unless you music centre is poor quality, there is no way that a "computer" speaker will out-perform a Hi-Fi speaker bearing in mind your average computer speaker is no larger than a bag of sugar !

  Stuartli 13:59 21 Apr 2005

>>bearing in mind your average computer speaker is no larger than a bag of sugar !>>

I think you ought to get out and about more - my IBM 2.1 setup satellite speakers for a start are each "larger than a bag of suger" and they are smallish units.

Size has litte to do with it - some of the finest speakers in the world can be quite tiny and quite (read very) large and that includes computer equivalents...:-)

Design, quality of components and approp[riate technology are the keynotes.

  fazer 17:07 21 Apr 2005


After I read my response, I did realise that my statement was a little "sweeping" and probably too generalised for such a huge subject: I apologise if I caused offence.

However, I do maintain that your average computer speaker (and I do not particularly mean the casing - I mean the speaker itself)is smaller than your average Hi-Fi speaker which for starters, means that there is an inherent disadvantage. The less work a speaker has to perform to move a volume of air the better quality etc. (think of the necessary size of subwoofers)

I did follow the link you suggested and had a good browse. In respect of Altec Lansing FX6021 Speaker System at £142, the speaker power is only a minute 12.5 watts. How can that "compete" with equivalent £142 Hi-Fi speakers which even at that low a price, would have more power and I would suggest, would sound much, much better.

To end, if I ever have the intention to attempt to reproduce Hi-Fi sound from my computer, I would certainly not go out and buy "computer speakers" even their top-of-the range-models. I would connect a decent amplifier to the computer and buy some Hi-fi speakers because pound-for-pound, they would sound better and would probably be better value for money.

  Pooke100 17:37 21 Apr 2005

How about NXT technology. My PC speakers kick ass against my neighbours HiFi!

  Pooke100 17:39 21 Apr 2005

and my own for that matter.

click here

  mike1967 17:44 21 Apr 2005

PC speakers better than proper hi- fi I doubt it somehow

  Stuartli 17:48 21 Apr 2005

No offence was taken in any way..:-)

Sheer power is not the ultimate answer apart, perhaps, from bass/sub-woofer units - mid and high range speaker units don't require much driving.

Quality of source signal is a critical factor as well as the design and construction from top class materials of the speakers themselves.

You can easily tell high class hi-fi speakers from average ones as you will be able to listen without discomfort, even at high levels, because of the lack of distortion and other important factors.

The key problem with computer speakers is that people expect to be able to get even 5.1 systems for peanuts; in contrast, one of the offspring paid £250 (and it wasn't the cheapest) for a 5.1 Logitech speaker system and the sound was remarkably good.

Not quite up to the standard of some excellent Mission hi-fi stereo speakers he uses, but impressive just the same.

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