Speaker question

  wolfman10 22:59 23 Dec 2008

Hi, I have a Cloud CX-A6 amp and want to run 2 speakers off 1 channel. The amp is 120W/4ohms per channel. What watt/ohm speakers should i use? Many Thanks


  Graham. 23:51 23 Dec 2008
  wolfman10 23:55 23 Dec 2008

So would 60watt/8ohm speakers be the right choice if i were wiring them in parallel?

  Graham. 00:05 24 Dec 2008

According to Ohms Law, that would be hunkey dorey. 8 ohms in parallel = 4 ohms. (8 ohms in series = 16 ohms).

The wattage available to each speaker would therefore be halved, so 120W/2 = 60 W.

  wolfman10 00:12 24 Dec 2008

Thats great. Thanks Graham.

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