speaker problem?

  jake2 20:54 24 Mar 2005

When playing certain games, I periodicaly get a pulsing interference sound through the speakers. It continues for a minute or so then everything go's back to normal. Only happens while playing games. Listening to music no problem! Any ideas??

  Technotiger 20:59 24 Mar 2005

Hi, during games only - maybe your system setup is not quite up to it, perhaps you need a bit more power for the games.
Just a thought.


  jake2 21:02 24 Mar 2005

possible I suppose, but pc exceeds the minimums stated on the games by a long way. How would the power of the pc affect the speakers with respect to the games?

  Technotiger 21:23 24 Mar 2005

Well as I said, 'twas just a thought, but I do know that some games need just that bit extra. and that without it anything could happen including slight distortions of sound. This may not be the problem at all, but in any case I am sure others here will come along with their ideas/thoughts too.


  citadel 21:46 24 Mar 2005

If you are using onboard sound upgrading to a sound card like the creative zs will give much better sound in games.

  jake2 11:22 25 Mar 2005

Thanks all, sorry Technotiger was,nt meaning to sound off, just wondered how the interferance would be generated by a lower powered system? System has got creative 5.1 live soundcard with 4 speakers and a sub. PC 2400 athlon, 512mb ram, 60gb hd, xp home, fx5200 nvidia graphics card.
When the interferance starts it is much louder than the game volume, and you can still hear the game faintly in the background, then after a minute or so noise goes away and everything is back to normal!!?? I thought at first it may be caused by one of the speakers being too close to the monitor so I moved it but no better. If I close the game application the noise stops.
Faulty sound card?

  Technotiger 12:31 25 Mar 2005

Hi, no apologies necessary mate, I did not take offence at anything you said - didn't even think of it. Another thought, perhaps if you uninstalled the game, then did a disk cleanup, then re-installed game, it might clear the problem.


  Yoda Knight 13:06 25 Mar 2005

have u got the latest drivers for your sound card ?

  jake2 09:46 28 Mar 2005

Updated drivers, thought I'd cracked it!! But no noise is still there. Also appears to be no feed to right rear speaker now!! Speaker itself is ok just no signal going to it.

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