Speaker Problem

  Robotic_Rob 14:37 25 Feb 2005

Hey, ive bought some new speakers today(Logitech X-530) and im havin a slight problem with them.

The problem is that some how some of the speakers are mixed up. With my soundcard came a program to test your speakers to say that you have connected them up right. As in yes the left speaker has the left audio coming out of it,etc,etc... So i tried this. And the results were my

center speaker - Came out of my right speaker
left front - came out of my left front speaker
left rear - came out of my center speaker
right front - came out of my right front speaker
right rear - came out of my sub
sub - didnt play at all.

All the connections are connected up right. as in red to red and yellow to yellow.

Could this be down to any software problems? Or what really? As this is the first set of decent speakers ive had. The only speakers i had before this was just 2 front speakers that ive had about 8-9 years.

  sinbad1 14:50 25 Feb 2005

Have you set your sound and audio preferences to match your speakers ie desktop, 4to1, 5to1?
And does your soundcard support the speakers you have?

  Robotic_Rob 14:53 25 Feb 2005

I believe so. I went to sounds and audio devices in the control panel, clicked on advanced on speaker settings and changed it to 5.1 surround sound speakers.

  sinbad1 15:03 25 Feb 2005

does your sound card support 5.1 and do you have a diagram of the sound card inputs sometimes they may differ from the speaker codes

  Robotic_Rob 15:15 25 Feb 2005

The soundcard is onboard with my motherboard(Abit-IC7 Max3) And i believe it is correct as the program i used to check my speakers came with the motherboard. And ive checked the program and it appears to be correct

  sinbad1 15:29 25 Feb 2005

Sounds like speaker connections, the front L&R are ok centre rear and sub not working properly.
Have you tried connecting them one at a time to see if the tset picks them up?
I know when i fitted my 5.1 i had to fiddle with the imput connecters to get it to work ok.

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