speaker Noise

  desperate1950 20:43 09 Jan 2006

My Speakers have started to make a strange noise not unlike a fax being sent or recieved this happens when the pc is on or off I have a broadband modam and a two in one sub speakers can you help friends I have ran all the usual spyware and antivir. with no results tried switching speakers and it still happens

Desperate 1950

  DieSse 20:48 09 Jan 2006

If these are normal computer speakers, they have an amplifier in them - it's possible the amplifier has developed a fault.

If you take them right away from the computer, and disconnect them from it, and switch them on - do you still get the noise? - If you do, they are faulty.

  silverous 20:55 09 Jan 2006

It was my blackberry switched on - do you have a mobile phone or blackberry in the vicinity? Try turning it off - does it still happen?

  desperate1950 22:08 09 Jan 2006

I dont no what a blackberry is can you enlighten me ?

  silverous 22:14 09 Jan 2006

Like a phone but receives email...basically any mobile phone or similar wireless device ?

  desperate1950 22:21 09 Jan 2006

nothing like that bbut my neighbour may have as my pc is up against her dividing wall I stay in a semi detached


  DieSse 22:27 09 Jan 2006

Noises made by phones are never there all the time, in my experience.

  desperate1950 22:51 09 Jan 2006

I have disinstalled the program (games spy ) and the noise seems to have abated for the moment anyway fingers crossed

  DieSse 22:56 09 Jan 2006

To quote you *this happens when the pc is on or off*

So how can uninstalling a program make any difference?

  desperate1950 23:05 09 Jan 2006

who knows? one of these little mysteries ! I have star wars battlefield installed and I can only hazard a guess that will messing about with it it has been trying to find a server for an on line game.


  DieSse 00:18 10 Jan 2006

*who knows? one of these little mysteries*

No - it's impossible. If the noise really has decreased, it's down to something other than uninstalling a program, if your first statement was correct. For sure.

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