Speak of the Devil

  [DELETED] 17:12 24 Oct 2003

I Just received a whole bundle of spam including this one:

Dear MS customer

this is the latest version of security update, the
"October 2003, Cumulative Patch" update which fixes all known security vulnerabilities affecting
MS Internet Explorer, MS Outlook and MS Outlook Express as well as three newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Install now to help protect your computer
from these vulnerabilities, the most serious of which could allow an attacker to run code on your system.
.... attached *.exe file, no doubt virus laden.

  [DELETED] 17:14 24 Oct 2003

(~_~) I was posting the above reply to another thread, or so I thought.

  [DELETED] 17:18 24 Oct 2003

click here to see the earlier thread.

I must have clicked on the wrong button

  [DELETED] 17:35 24 Oct 2003

Please ensure that your thread title accurately describes your subject

I thought this thread was going to be about Opera.

  [DELETED] 17:44 24 Oct 2003

click here for the latest version of the best internet browser to ever come out of Norway.

Better the Devil you know that the devil you don't. It wasn't supposed to be a thread title, just a post to another thread.

  [DELETED] 18:09 24 Oct 2003

leo49 ;o)

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