spdif can i connect my optical output to my av amp

  jakbiker 20:48 23 Dec 2005

Have got an Advent T9306 from Pc world and its great and before you all kick off about pc world my last pc went for six years with only minor probs whilst my mates each were on their third pc's from bespoke manufactures..so there.

Now I have pioneer vsx-d912 av amp which has two optical inputs, seeing the advent has an optical output I connected the advent to the pioneer hoping to use my 5.1 super sound system to play "quake" and cds etc... ummm the pioneer detects a digital input but it dont work.. Have looked around at tools and options in various places..the nearest was in windows media player which had a greyed out option saying i needed something or other to use it.Does ani one have any information on how I can play my pc sounds via my av amp...

  woodchip 21:08 23 Dec 2005

spdif is for transferring Digital sound to digital you are trying to do it to a Analog input. This will not work. To do the above you have to convert to Analog

  woodchip 21:11 23 Dec 2005

advent has an optical output I connected the advent to the pioneer hoping to use my 5.1 super sound system to play "quake" It should be to input not output Is one yellow and other white or is there a red one as well? As these are Analog Connectors

  jakbiker 17:40 25 Dec 2005

the digital optical output from the pc is coded green the pioneer amp has a digital input not coded. My cd seperate player has an optical digi output and that works with with the amp. I think that because it doesnt work with the pc I must tell the pc what I want to do..ie play the digi output of the pc via the external amp.The amp knows it is connected to a digi source. Um still looking......

  jakbiker 17:42 25 Dec 2005

These are square and cannot be mistaken for jackplugs

  woodchip 18:46 25 Dec 2005

It needs to go into the imput not output

  Stuartli 19:05 25 Dec 2005

The Sony/Philips Digital Interface (SPDIF) is a digital audio transfer file format and is normally used with an RCA connecter.

S-Video uses a yellow RCA jackplug for video and red and white jackplugs for audio.

My previous onboard C-Media 8738 sound chipset and current SoundBlaster Live! Value sound card both have SPDIF facilities, but I've never needed to use it.

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