SparkTrust PC cleaner - trustworthy??

  Housten 15:54 20 Oct 2014

Good Afternoon, Gentleman,

When I logged on to the PC Advisor website today I was 'offered/recommended' the SparkTrust PC Cleaner. As this appeared to be being recommended by PC Advisor I downloaded it, saved it and then ran it. It went through its routine, found many 'errors' on my laptop and then there was a place to click 'FIX', so I did. It asked you to register - well there is nothing wrong with that, except the next bit really made me annoyed. It was stated to be a free download, well yes of course it was BUT....... if you want to use it, it will then cost you £22.80p - that is £19 plus £3.80 VAT. Nothing is said about paying anything until it has worried you with the number of 'faults/errors' it says is wrong with your computer.

What I find very sneaky is the way this is done, I thought PCA was more open than this. But what I would really like to know is this : Is this worth the money? Does it actually do what it says? And most of all, is it trustworthy? Also - because I came away so fast that I didn't think to check before doing so - does the cost include for one or more computers? ( I have a desktop and a laptop and my wife has a laptop - if it is worthwhile investing in the programme I would prefer not to have to do it three times!!! )

  Batch 16:16 20 Oct 2014

It's a rip-off - don't go near it.

Keep your PC healthy with a decent (free) anti-virus and do a weekly scan using Malwarebytes Free (used by many in this forum). Also try SpyWareBlaster (also free).

If you want to clean up your PC, try Ccleaner from Piriform click here (it is entirely free to download and use). Again used by many in this forum.

  bumpkin 16:37 20 Oct 2014

* is it trustworthy? *

No, if it does as you say. Go for CCleaner as Batch suggests.

  Ian in Northampton 17:07 20 Oct 2014

So many of these "our product will find the errors on your PC, fix them and make your PC faster and safer" are the modern equivalent of snake oil. I wouldn't touch them with a barge pole - not even someone else's barge pole.

  spuds 18:00 20 Oct 2014

You might want to read this click here

  Batch 08:45 21 Oct 2014


Shouldn't that link you've posted come with its own health warning? As far as I can see at least two of the posts therein are spam for yet another dodgy piece of software (admittedly as highlighted by other posters in that thread).

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