spare inks for a SX 405

  stigansven 21:59 12 Aug 2013

I have a Epson SX405 all-in-one printer which use T0711/712/713/714 inks. Now it is on it's last legs(will not scan). Is there a later Epson that uses those inks for I have at least 6 spare, it would be a shame to have to bin them. PC49

  Woolwell 22:16 12 Aug 2013

Epson frequently use different inks for new products. You appear to have what Epson call Cheetah inks List of compatible printers. Whether you can buy a new one of those I don't know.

  Woolwell 22:18 12 Aug 2013

You can always try to sell them.

  stigansven 22:22 12 Aug 2013

Woolwell, What i wanted to know was whether EPSON made a LATER PRINTER that those inks would fit. Sorry if I Had stuttering fingers.

  spuds 23:24 12 Aug 2013

I would suggest that you contact Epson support direct for advice, so as to see if they are still manufacturing printers that will accept the cartridges, because there are a big list of printers that will accept the cartridges, but whether any are still in production, only Epson can provide the latest information in a fast response manner click here

  Woolwell 07:23 13 Aug 2013

The link contained the list of printers which use those inks. None of them appear to be the latest printers. As spuds has stated you need to check if any are still on sale. You may find that a retailer still has a few in stock but Epson regularly bring out new products which seem to need a different variety of ink.

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