spam/spoofed email using my email/domain name

  ajm 10:02 10 Apr 2008

Over the last few days I have been receiving a lot of "failure notice" and "undeliverable email" to my email address. It seems that my email address has been forged and spam/unsolicitated emails are being sent using my email address.

I am worried that this willl cause genuine emails not to pass through other people's servers as my domain name would be blacklisted.

Is there any practical solution to this?

  johnnyrocker 10:09 10 Apr 2008

fraid not as it would seem that someone with your e mail address in their address book has become infected and is mailing out as everyone in that book, but because your mail is genuine the 'bounce' comes back to you.


  [DELETED] 10:33 10 Apr 2008

You could implement an SPF policy on your domain - it may not stop the spam, but it will help.

click here

SPF is a txt record in your DNS record that basically tells recieving mail servers who is authorised to send email from your domain. If a mail recieved is not authorised, the server should either reject it or at least tag it spam.

Are these emails all addressed to one email address only in your domain? If not, turn off the catch-all function is you have one.

  ajm 10:39 10 Apr 2008

Thanks both of you. walesrob, I will look into SPF. I have a domain name with the com extension.

I have given members of my family their own email address comprising of [email protected]. The emails that are coming back to me are [email protected]. I have received a couple of these emails that appear to come from my email address. The "sender" name is different, but the return email address is my email

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