Spammed already on Gmail

  jagx400 08:41 26 Dec 2004

I opened my account last night and got up this morning to 1 piece of spam in the mailbox, do these people really believe people want their crappy drugs and loans.

  Diodorus Siculus 09:38 26 Dec 2004

That's the nature of email these days.

For what its worth, that account was probably being spammed before you even set it up. The spammers simply create millions of addresses and mail is sent to them - much will simply get bounced around the various servers as the addresses are not valid.

Does gmail have any sort of spam protection built in?

  jagx400 12:05 26 Dec 2004

It does have a spam filter, and the facility to report the spam, what I dont understand is how the spam gets to my address as the address is totally not the same.

  Forum Editor 12:17 26 Dec 2004

in the same way they target hotmail addresses, and as Diodorus Siculus says - your address was probably being spammed before you created it. The spam merchants randomly generate millions of [email protected], and lots of them will make it through the spam filters.

You might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of millionaires who have made their money by spamming - unfortunately there are enough people who click on the links in spam messages to make it seriously profitable for a clever few, and although they face huge fines and/or imprisonment if caught the spammers consider the risks worth taking.

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