trevpearson 20:12 23 Sep 2005

My, soon to be, ex-son, entered my e-mail address into something he wanted to see. Not porn (so far, thats in his favour) however, I'm now swamped with American sales pitches (about 70 per day) in my e-mail inbox (I use Onetel's Mailzone).

I attempt to go through them and click on the "un-subscribe me" link. Some work and some don't (the usual 'page not found' etc).

However, I have found that an outfit called click here is the mastermind holding my e-mail address and passing it on to 'respectable' US sites.

I don't want to train to be a law enforcement officer, nor do I want a kitchen makeover or an online degree from Michigan State University etc etc.

So far all my attempts to contact virtumundo to get me off their master mailing list have failed (page not found etc).

I would be grateful for any suggestions/advice.

  woodchip 20:25 23 Sep 2005

un-subscribe me" link worst thing you could do, all it does is tell them you are getting mail they can sell the info

  trevpearson 20:58 23 Sep 2005

Woodchip, I hear what you say but the sites I can un-subscribe from are reputable sites (and they don't hit me again) eg Michigan State University, Sears Roebuck, CNN TV and so on etc etc. It's the virtumundo mastermind I'm gunning for

  MAJ 21:18 23 Sep 2005

it's probable that the reason you can't connect to any of Virtumundo's pages is because they are well known for that sort of thing and are usually inserted in either your HOSTS file or your Restricted Sites in IE (or both). If you remove (temporarily) the entries from those two places, you should at least be able to access their sites and maybe get a contact number/address.

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