Spam- what to do with it

  Gazzerr 19:25 03 Sep 2006

I'm getting about 20 spam e mails a day and have downloaded mailwasher. Is it a good idea to bounce these E mails - will it stop them being sent or is it just a waste of time?

  VoG II 19:26 03 Sep 2006

Waste of time and clogs up the internet.

  VCR97 19:30 03 Sep 2006

Many people say that bouncing will only show that the e-mail address is active and so you will get more spam. This might be true in the general case, however, if you read Mailwasher's help file you will find that this point is addressed. MW says that the bouncing is done in a way which makes it appear as if the ISP has done the bouncing. Bouncing does create more traffic on the Internet.

  SANTOS7 19:31 03 Sep 2006

If you BOUNCE them you are basically telling spammers you are there, if you are given options to do this, it is wise not to..

  silverous 19:31 03 Sep 2006

The problem is Gazzerr that the "from" address is pretty much guaranteed not to be the spammer.

Imagine your email address was being used (spoofed) by a spammer to send thousands of emails... if all those people bounced back and the responses came to you you wouldn't be too happy.

Also consider getting a mail filter that can look up spam databases which are updated in real time. As soon as an IP address is known as a spam sender they get added to these lists, your machine then immediately rejects an email with a header containing that address. At work we filter out hundreds of emails a day using that technique alone.

  silverous 19:32 03 Sep 2006

Santos> You aren't ... for the reason I gave above. If you bounce you are telling the "person who's email address the spammer used" that you are there.

In fact, I read somewhere that spammers don't care whether you are there or not as they get paid per number of emails sent.

  Jackcoms 19:41 03 Sep 2006

Frankly, "to bounce or not" is a moot point.

You MIGHT be telling spammers "yes I'm here" if you bounce, but I fancy that 99.99% of spammers couldn't give a toss anyway.

I doubt very much if they check for bounces coming back at them and then delete those addresses from their mailing list/s.

I reckon the choice is yours. If you're worried about "clogging up the Internet" don't bounce.

Otherwise it doesn't matter one way or the other.

  silverous 19:43 03 Sep 2006

As per the above, there is NO good reason to bounce and it does matter - you are spamming someone else, and not the spammer, when you bounce.

  Enoch 19:48 03 Sep 2006

I cannot believe that in these days of high tech capabilities that someone, somewhere, has not found a way to prevent spam. We can get phone calls intercepted, why not emails, or am I being very naive

  silverous 19:57 03 Sep 2006

There are various initiatives to cut it down. 'All' it needs is a way of validating that the sender of an email is actually who they say they are. The problem is getting everyone to do it at the same time, or even gradually.

  Jackcoms 20:41 03 Sep 2006

"you are spamming someone else, and not the spammer, when you bounce".


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