spam spam spam spam

  emmos 12:14 28 Jun 2003

Is there a way to stop all incoming e-mails apart from those in your e-mail address book , I am using outlook express.

  MichelleC 12:45 28 Jun 2003

Try Mailwasher, it's free a quite good, although it made a mistake today and deleted emails it shouldn't have. Trouble is these spammers change addresses so at the moment it's going to be a continuing problem - until they make it illegal.

  BurrWalnut 13:22 28 Jun 2003

If you're with BT you can sign up for their (free) spam blocker, presumably other ISPs offer this service.

Alternatively, use "mail rules". By using the "from" you can trap a lot of those that use multiple addresses.

  palinka 19:26 28 Jun 2003

I use Bigfoot and get very little spam. Mind you, I always tick those "small print" boxes that say "Tick here if you don't want to receive info from carefully selected companies,blah, blah; that helps.

  Gaz 25 21:24 28 Jun 2003

I use supanet with spamhaus technology, it seams good, I think the same as BT.

  Wak 21:37 28 Jun 2003

I also use Mailwasher because you can see and check all your mail before you download it.

  Qmar 21:44 28 Jun 2003

OE ( I presume )...
tools >message rules >mail> mail rules > new >where the from line contains people ... then using the shift key and clicking the mouse , highlight everyone in your address book.. direct to 'from' to a new folder eg 'valid sender inbox '.. can see where I'm going..

  Andybear 22:07 28 Jun 2003

I'm another one who uses MailWasher. By checking your mail whilst it's still on the ISP server it makes it more difficult for viruses to get through via that route - you can delete anything that looks suspicious from the server and just download your normal emails. If you're not sure you can preview the messages. For more information click here

  jazzypop 22:15 28 Jun 2003

click here - message 2 spells out Qmars's approach clearly and easily.

All of the other options which suggest Mailwasher (although it is a decent enough program in it's own right) will not automatically delete messages that are not sent from people in your address book. Qmar's suggestion will.

  jazzypop 22:17 28 Jun 2003

Note, however, that each time you add a name to your address book, you will need to edit the rule to include the new name.

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